Fasciatherapy – Somatic-PsychoEducation – Méthode Danis Bois

Somato – having to do with the body
Somato-Psycho – Body/Mind connection
SomatoPsychoEducation – using what emerges to reeducate and offer new possibilities with respect to one’s life.

Danis Bois is a physiotherapist and osteopath who discovered an innate internal movement in the body independent of any other body movement, pulsing at a steady rhythm of two cycles per minute, or 15 seconds per travel direction. This movement, coined Sensory Biorhythm, becomes disrupted or ceases altogether when a part of the body suffers trauma or injury and loses sensitivity, perceptibility and mobility. Essentially, the person has lost connection with him or herself.

Danis explored this movement at length and developed a method to bring the client back into connection by treating the fascia, the fine membrane that covers the muscle and organ tissues and holds the memory of all traumas experienced by the body.

The practitioner, with deep presence and slow, intentional directional impulses, induces very slow movements and interruptions to the various parts of the body which restores the body Biorhythm and coherence of the different body parts.

The result is a re-education of the body systems to regain sensitivity, mobility and ability to perceive. It has a profound impact on the connection to the self. The client regains contact with the different body parts, becomes conscious of where there has been disconnection, and perhaps why, and with the help of the therapist’s guidance can begin to apply what comes up to help create new possibilities in his or her life.

This approach takes into account the relationship between the body, thoughts, movement and action.

The method uses the following five tools:

  • Sensory Introspection – meditation centered on the body
  • Manual Therapy
  • Sensory Mouvement
  • Dialogue
  • Writing

The method is useful to anyone suffering from pain or lack of mobility in the body, or feels that they have lost connection to the self, and anyone that would like to get back in touch with the body.


Many books exist in French but I am aware of only one that has been translated into English.

Bois, Danis. The Wild Region of Lived Experience: Using Somatic PsychoEducation. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2009

Bois, Danis, and M. C. Josso, Humpich, Marc. Sujet sensible et renouvellement du moi : les contributions de la fasciathérapie et de la somato-psychopédagogie. Ivry: Point d’appui, 2009

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