Roland has been teaching Reiki since 1998 and is a graduate from an intensive 4-year course at the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) as well as the Teacher Training program. He leads introductory Hands of Light workshops.

Roland is a Certified Hakomi Practitioner and Trainer and allows himself to be guided by the principles of this method in his work with clients.

He incorporates the EFT method (Emotional Freedom Technique).

He is a practitioner in Core Energetics since December 2014.

Roland holds a certificate as a practitioner in fasciatherapy and Somato-psychoeducation.

He also incorporates the DNA/Theta healing technique into his healing practice.

Roland offers individual treatments, Reiki courses, an introduction the Brennan Healing Science and various workshops on personal growth.

He worked for 28 years in the engineering field as an engineer and project manager before changing careers to devote his time entirely to healing.

Roland has his office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Ongoing activities and training

I would like to bring you up to date on the training that I have completed or undertaken since the summer of 2002. Personal growth is a passion that helps me to continually discover who I am and to better serve my clients.

Exceptional Marriage Mentoring– 2015

In 2015, I took this amazing training created by Marcia and Brian Gleason in order to become a mentor for couples who want to create and exceptional relationship based on truth, complete self-expression and the unfolding of their Essential Self. It is a complete approach which is experiential, experimental and dynamic and brings out the control patterns that set in to make sure that the relationship stays within a window of tolerance, but really limits each partner in being themselves. The method also teaches to differentiate between immature and mature needs.

Meditation Training – Living the Heart of Wisdom – 2012-2015

Since 2012 I have been training in meditation and Buddhist teachings with True North Insight. This has allowed me to deepen and anchor my meditation practice, surrender and let go and accept reality as it is and therefore reduce suffering in my life. I am less reactive and less attached to what is happening and I find this very liberating.

Core Energetics – since 2011

I have completed the 4-year program in Core Energetics in Montreal and am a certified practitioner of the approach. Core Energetics was started by John Pierakos, a student of Willem Reich and the co-founder of BioEnergetics with Alexander Lowen. Core Energetics adds spirituality (from Eva Peirakos and the Pathwork) to BioEnergetics and allows one to recognize the Higher Self, Lower Self and Mask Self as well as the images that control our lives. The body is the vehicle for self-discovery.

Fasciatherapy & Somato-PsychoEducation (Méthode Danis Bois) – since 2012

Fasciatherapy, Méthode Danis Bois, seeks to contact and restore a natural inner movement of the tissues that becomes absent when we lose touch of parts of our bodies that have become insensitive and immobile due to losing touch with ourselves. It is a very gentle and powerful stimulation of the fascia which stores all emotions and traumas experienced by the body.

In 2012, I completed the 2-year certificate and am a registered practitioner.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – since 2002

I have obtained the Advanced Certificate of Completion for this method which includes the Basic and “Ultimate Therapist” program.

Simply put, EFT is a form of emotional acupuncture without using needles. Instead, the technique uses an affirmation and tapping with the fingers on meridian end points. Current theory suggests that “the cause of all negative emotions is due to a disturbance in the energy field.”

The Hakomi Method– since 2002

I am a certified Hakomi Practitioner and Trainer, having completed basic and advanced training and having demostrated proficiency in applying and teaching the method.

Hakomi is an experiential method of assisted self-study which uses “little experiments done in mindfulness” to discover how one’s experience is organized by habits, attitudes and beliefs. As such, Hakomi is a true InSight method, one which is “therapeutic” when used to support one’s own or another’s healing.

Hakomi is also effective in many non-therapy situations involving human relations, from teaching to parenting, from customer service to hospice work.

This method teaches Loving Presence and so helps me to be even more present for my clients.

Reiki – since 1997

I have been teaching Reiki since 1998 and continue to do so because I see the huge benefits that my students reap from this simple, accessible and very effective healing modality.

Brennan Healing Sciences – since 2002

I graduated from Barbara’s School of Healing in 2002 and this has become one of the cornerstones and foundations of my work as a therapist.

Teacher Training for Brennan Healing Sciences – 2005

I have completed the two-year training to become a teacher at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I am also authorized to lead Hands of Light workshops which are an introduction to the work.

This training is an even deeper discovery of the self and reinforces the techniques I have already learned. Once again, this training is helpful for my clients.

DNA Activation – since 2002

The DNA activation activates the Youth and Vitality Chromosome and then activates 10 latent strands of DNA which join up to the 2 existing strands. This activation is done in all the cells of the body and is integrated over a period of 3 months to 2 years and helps to activate more of who we are (our latent potential).

Several benefits have been reported by people who have had this done. Personally, I observed that this activation was a catalyst for my personal process and helped to clarify certain issues that I was dealing with.

I have done many many activations either in person or by distance, all over the world.

Quantum Touch – fall 2003 and spring 2004

Quantum Touch is another hands-on healing method which is easy to learn and gives me another tool that I can use to help healing in certain circumstances. With this method, the hands are kept for a longer period of time on the affected body part and breathing techniques are used to keep the healer’s field charged at a high level to influence the client’s field and create and opportunity for healing.

Chakra Assessment

I have recently produced a chart that gives an assessment of the client’s energy field. I prepare this on the 1st visit and give it to the client. This assessment is also available by distance to anyone that is curious about the state of their chakras and their energy field.

Charting the Progress of Sessions with Clients

Recently, I have developed a charting system for following the progress of energy sessions with my clients. This chart documents the status of the chakras at each client visit and over time, gives a visual indication of the stability of the field. In addition, it allows us to see which chakras are habitually dysfunctional.

Becoming aware of these dynamics is the first step to returning to wholeness. We learn to make different choices in the moment.

I have presented this Charting Method at major international conferences in Toronto and Montreal, Canada.