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Reiki and Healing – Guérison énergétique et le Reiki


Le Reiki – Puissant catalyseur

Ce livre sur le Reiki s’adresse aux novices, praticiens et maîtres. En plus d’introduire le Reiki, ses bienfaits et son utilisation, il se veut un guide pratique pour les utilisateurs et pour le cheminement du praticien qui veut améliorer son état d’être et sa présence à ses clients. Limpide et simple, il est à la portée de tous. Un must à se procurer.

Reiki – A Powerful Catalyst

Curious about Reiki? Already a practitioner or Master/Teacher? This book is for you. In addition to introducing Reiki and all of its uses and benefits, it offers practical guidelines for its use and the journey of the practitioner to improve his or her own state of being and presence with the clients.

The Subtle Body

by Cindi Dale

Cindi does a really great job of describing the energy field and many different approaches to healing. A great resource book.

Eastern Body, Western Mind

by Anodea Judith

This book is a treasure! In it, Judith describes all aspects of the Chakras and explains the physical, emotional, mental, psyhcological and spiritual aspects of the chakras. She details how life experience affects the chakras and whether it is functional or dysfunctional, overused (excessive) or underused (deficient). She gives practical and meaningful ways to heal each one. A must for anyone working with chakras or wanting to understand them.

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

by Barbara Brennan
This book is a classic on the energy field and energy healing. Barbara presents the complete energy field, chakras, characterology (defense strategies) and more. Answers to many questions you may have been wondering about and did not know who to ask.

Le pouvoir bénéfique des mains

par Barbara Ann Brennan

Un classique sur le champ énergétique et la guérison énergétique. Barbara présente le champ énergétique, les chakras, les stratégies de défense, et bien d’autres. Vous y trouverez des réponses à bien des questions.

Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing

by Barbara Brennan

In this book Barbara present the energy field and the path to healing in a way that is easy to grasp and understand. She also introduces the dimension of the Hara and Core Star.

Guérir par la lumière

par Barbara Ann Brennan

Dans ce livre, Barbara présente, d’une façon moins technique que son premier livre, le champ énergétique et le cheminement de la guérison. Elle présente aussi les dimensions du Hara et du Noyau Étoilé (Core Star).

Empowerment Through Reiki: The Path to Personal and Global Transformation

by Paula Horan

This is still one of my favorite books on Reiki. Paula Horan does an excellent job of presenting this wonderful healing art that has its origins in Tibet.

Reiki, soigner, se soigner

par Paula Horan

Ce livre est toujours un de mes favoris sur le Reiki. Paula présente merveilleusement cet art de guérison qui a son origine au Tibet.

Reiki – Way of the Heart

by Walter Lübeck

I love how Walter shows us how Reiki is linked to the heart and how he suggest to with with our relationship to the Inner Child.

Reiki, les voies du coeur

par Walter Lübeck

J’aime beaucoup la façon dont Walter présente le Reiki dans ce livre et aussi comment il tisse le lien avec le coeur et parle de comment on peut travailler avec l’enfant intérieur.

The Power of Reiki: An Ancient Hands-On Healing Technique

by Tanmaya Honervogt

A beautifully illustrated book on Reiki that presents the essentials and how and on what to use Reiki. The illustrations are just incredible. Just to look at a few pages will incite you to pick it up and bring it home!

Spirit of Reiki

by Walter Lübeck,Frank Arjava Petter and William Rand

These three Reiki Masters dug deeper into the history of Reiki and present lots of interesting information about how Reiki is still very active in Japan, as well as some original documents from Usui and Dr. Hayashi. It shows that the traditional story of Reiki and its legacy are somewhat different than what was reported and handed down by Hawayo Takata…..

Hawayo Takata’s Story

by Helen J. Haberly

A wnderful and lively account of this great Reiki Master’s life and her passion for bringing Reiki to the world. We owe her a lot for her devotion, passion and guts. The words I remember from the book are how she was always saying “Do Reiki, do Reiki, do Reiki…..”.

The Ethics of Caring

by Kylea Taylor

I have not found very many books on the ethics of caring and how to apply that in therapeutic settings. This book is a valuable resource to read and have on hand if you are a therapist or considering being one.

Psychotherapy and Personal Growth – La psychothéraptie et la croissance personnelle

The Undefended Self

by Susan Thesenga

This book, presented by Susan Thesenga, a Pathwork helper and pioneer, is invaluable in showing us the Mask Self, the Lower and Higher Self and how to work with them to grow in consciousness.

Creating Union

by Eva Pierrakos & Judith Saly

A wonderful book on how to create loving working relationships as inspired by the Pathwork lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos.

Créer l’union

de Eva Pierrakos et Judith Saly

Un très beau livre sur la création de relations aimante tel qu’inspiré par les canalisations de Eva Pierrakos.

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

by Debbie Ford

This is one of the books I recommend highly to all my students and many clients. It shows that what triggers us in others is really about those parts of us that we do not own and do not want to see – our Shadow. She then goes on to show us how to work with this and get beyond these limitations.

La part d’ombre des chercheurs de lumière 

par Debbie Ford

Un livre que je recommande à tous mes étudiants et plusieurs clients. Ce livre nous introduit à notre Ombre et comment voir ce qui nous déclenche et nous dérange chez les autres est en fait une partie de nous que nous ne voulons pas voir. Elle nous montre ensuite comment le travailler pour le dépasser. Un bijou!

Loving What is: Four Questions that can Change your Life

by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell

A beautiful and simple way to really turn things around in your life and deal with the reality of what is, instead of how you would like it to be. I highly recommend this book.

Aimer ce qui est – vers la fin de la souffrance

de Byron Katie et Stephen Mitchell

Une façon simple et très belle de changer ce qui se passe dans votre vie et de vivre avec la réalité de ce qui est plutôt que celle que vous désirez. Lecture fortement recommandée.

Non-violent Communication

by Marshall Rosenberg
An invaluable book on how to get in touch with what we are feeling and how to communicate to the other in truth, without blaming ourselves or the other and how to ask for positive change.

I love how Marshall says that anger is simply an emotion that helps us to recognize that a need is not being met, and how to deal with it so it does not get repressed and cause disease, or expressed in a way that may be harmful to ourselves and others.

Les mots sont des fenêtres (ou des murs) – «introduction à la communication non violente»

par Marshall Rosenberg

Un livre très spécial qui nous démontre comment contacter ce que nous ressentons et comment le communiquer aux autres dans notre vérité, sans se blâmer ou blâmer l’autre, et aussi comment demander pour des changements positifs.

J’adore la façon dont il explique que la colère est simplement une émotion qui nous signale qu’un de nos besoins n’a pas été rencontrer, et comment faire pour qu’elle ne devienne pas une maladie en la réprimant, ou qu’elle ne soit pas exprimée de façon violente qui fait du mal à soi ou à l’autre.

Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real

by Thomas d’Ansembourg
What a gem this book is! A perfect addition/extension of Marshall Rosenberg’s book on non-violent communication. The author gives many examples and interpretations of the method. Very inspiring and highly recommended!

Cessez d’être gentil soyez vrai!: Être avec les autres en restant soi-même

par Thomas d’Ansembourg

Ce livre est un bijou, un ajout parfait au livre de Marshall Rosenberg sur la communication consciente et non violente. Il donne beaucoup d’exemples et d’interprétations de cette méthode. Très inspirant et fortement suggéré!!

The Celestine Prophecies

by James Redfield

This beautiful book is one of the first that inspired me to discover the energy field and how it manifests in us. It is a very inspiring and exciting story of the discovery of foundational principles of energy exchange and ways of being. Read all of his books…..

Prophéties des Andes

par James Redfield

Ce livre est un des premiers qui m’a inspiré à découvrir le champ énergétique et comment il se manifeste. C’est une histoire inspirante et poignante de la découverte de principes fondamentaux sur l’échange énergétique et de façons d’être. Découvrez toute la série….

A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle

Q wonderful book on the Ego and all of its games. Eckhart tells us how it manifests, how to recognize it and go beyond it. He also introduces the Pain Body. I think I must have highlighted one or two sentences on every page!

La nouvelle terre

Eckhart Tolle

Ce livre est un merveilleux livre sur l’Égo et tous ses jeux. Eckhart nous parle de comment il se manifeste, comment le reconnaître et le déjouer. Il nous parle aussi du corps douleur. Je pense que j’ai surligné une ou deux phrases sur chaque page!

Internal Family Systems

by Richard C. Schwartz

An ingenious method to work with internal parts that want to control our lives – Managers, Exiled and Firefighters. Richard describes how to use this to identify them and turn them into allies.

I use this approach in my therapy with clients since I have read the book.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

J’introduis le TLÉ (Emotional Freedom Technique) à tous mes clients car il est tellement facile à apprendre et utiliser. Il peut avoir des résultats importants qui durent.

The EFT Manual

by Gary Craig

The basic manual introduces you to all the aspects of EFT and how to use it on yourself and others.

The EFT Manual

by Dawson Church

This is a new and completely revised edition of the original manual for Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), one of the most successful psychology self-help techniques ever developed. Thousands of people tell amazing stories of how it has helped them with problems like pain and stress. Author Dawson Church is the best-known researcher in the field, and this manual is based on Clinical EFT, the only version of EFT to be validated in dozens of scientific studies.

EFT for Back Pain

by Gary Craig

This book is a really good guide to using EFT for back pain and introduces some great concepts on working with foregiveness and anger.

EFT for Weight Loss

by Gary Craig

Another wonderful book that shows you how to use EFT for cravings and all those underlying issues about why a part of you wants to keep the weight on and how to get to the bottom of it for succesful and lasting weight loss.

EFT for PSTD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

by Gary Craig

I have not yet read this book, but based on those I have read, I intend to get it and add it to my library.

EFT for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

by Rue Hass

I have not yet read this book, but based on those I have read, I intend to get it and add it to my library.

EFT for Procrastination

by Gary Craig

I have not yet read this book, but based on those I have read, I intend to get it and add it to my library.

Don’t leave this till later….. Buy it now!


Grace Unfolding

by Greg Johanson and Ron Kurtz

Beautifully written, this book shows how Hakomi is the Tao Te Ching of psychotherapy. A must for anyone wanting to get a feel for Hakomi.

Ce livre nous montre comment le Hakomi est le Tao Te Ching de la psychothérapie. C’est un oeuvre géniale et devrait être lu par tous ceux qui veulent savoir qu’est-ce que c’est le Hakomi. Ce livre n’est pas traduit.

Body-Centered Psychotherapy: The Hakomi Method : The Integrated Use of Mindfulness, Nonviolence and the Body

by Ron Kurtz
Although Ron has continued to refine the method since he created it in the early 70’s this book is still very pertinent. It introduces the method, its important elements and skills.

Body Reveals: Illustrated Guide to the Psychology of the Body

by Ron Kurtz

This book shows us how the body holds emotions, past experience and ways of being. Valuable insights on what wounding is held and how to work with it. A must for anyone working with the body or even in psychotherapy.

Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples: A Guide for the Creative Pragmatist

by Rob Fisher

Rob Fisher does a tremendous job showing us how the Hakomi method can be used for couples work and how loving presence, mindfulness, an experimental attitude and moving towards nourishment in a non-violent way will work deeply and quickly to heal wounding and improve dynamics in couples relationships.

The Right Use of Power

by Cedar Barstow

This book will take you through the many aspects of power and how to use it in your life, and in your practice if you are a therapist. Cedar is a long-time Hakomi trainer and applies the theory and practice of Hakomi in this book. Not to use your power is just as detrimental as to overusing it……

Trauma and the Body

by Pat Ogden, Kekuni Minton, Claire Pain

This is a truly valuable book on trauma and introduces sensiromotor approach developed by Pat Odgen. This includes a chapter on now Hakomi can be used with this approach. Pat Ogden is trained in Hakomi.

Health and Well-Being – Santé et bien-être

Pain Free

Pete Egoscue, Bantam Books

This is one of the best books on pain I’ve ever read. M. Egoscue shows us how the body should be aligned with the main articulations for proper load bearing and healthy movement. He explains that pain is a result of muscles compensating for others that have atrophied due to misuse or lack of use. He goes on to show us how many problems in one area of the body, such as the feet, are caused and related to other joints. He gives easy practical exercises to bring this back to health. I highly recommend it if you have any kind of joint pain. There are Egoscue pain clinics throughout the US. I personally visited one in San Francisco and am working with the program for my back pain.

Healing Back Pain

by Dr. John Sarno

In this book, Dr. John Sarno introduces the Tension Myositis Syndrome, which is in effect a trick that the brain uses to create pain in the body in order to help us avoid having to face undesirable emotions. He goes on to show how by simply being conscious of this that healing can happen.

I highly recommend this book.

The Mindbody Prescription

by Dr. John Sarno

Dr. Sarno pursues the explanation of the Tension Myositis Syndrome and how it is related to many common diseases such as back pain, fibromyalgia, colitis, etc. A truly valuable book.

The Divided Mind – The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders

by Dr. John Sarno

This book is a treasure! Dr. John Sarno explains how many common and chronic pains, including such conditions as Fibromyalgia, are in fact caused by a condition called TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome), which is a way the brain creates pain in the body in order to help us avoid repressed emotions. Persons that are particularly vulnerable to this condition are those that tend to want to do good and those who tend to want to do things perfectly.

In this book he presents the syndrome and gives a detailed account of his program to overcome these conditions, without drugs, exercise or surgery. Then follows reports on several MD’s that have successfully used this diagnosis and treatment method for their patients.

Many people heal just by reading his books once they understand what is going on.

The Food Revolution

by John Robbins

John Robbins is the son of the owner of Baskins-Ribbins Ice Crean company. He gave up the inheritance to the family business afer realizing how the meat industry treats the animals.

This book will show you how fare we’ve come in the inhumane treatment of thea animals that end up on our plates – crowded pens, excessive hormones in the food chain, how some animals are not allowed to move because of the limited space they live in while waiting to die. After reading this book, you may think twice about your food choices….

Becoming Vegan

by Brenda Davis & Vesanto Melina

A very informative book about eating well as a vegetarian (no meat or fish) or vegan (no animal products including honey). This book gives us many results of studies done showing how vegetarians and vegans are much healthier than those who eat meat. Valuable information on the vitamin, protein and mineral content of foods so that you can make the right choices about what to eat if you go this route.

Raw Food Cookbooks – Livres recettes – alimentation vivante

Rawvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine

by Mat Amsden

When Matt adopted the raw food diet, he never looked back and came up with this truly ingenious book with a lot of creative, delicious and simple recipes.


Tout simplement, ce livre est merveilleux. Je l’adore!

Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get in the Glow

by Matthew Kenny

This book’s pictures are enough to get your saliva glands salivating! Lots of information about live food and how to stock your pantry to create wonderful meals using live food.

I am Grateful: Recipes and Lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude

by Terces Engelhart

Wonderful recipes from this great California raw food restaurant.

Sweet Gratitude: A New World of Raw Desserts

by Matthew Rogers and Tizian Alipo Tamborra

Another delicous book of creative desserts using live food.

Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine

by Gabriel Cousens

Dr. Cousins has done a lot of research on our food supply and presents the devastating effect of pesticides, GMO (genetically modified organisms) and other factors on the food we eat. He then presents the live and organic foods that contribute to our health and vitality to promote a long and healthy life.

The book contains many recipes to prepare foods if you decide to adopt this wonderful way of nourishing your body.

Tantra and Sexuality – Tantra et sexualité

Making Love: Sexual Love the Divine Way

by Barry Long

Barry Long has created a real masterpiece with this book, giving us a simple and real way to make love, in full presence and consciousness and in truth which helps to develop a real and nourrishing intimate relationship.

Faire l’amour de manière divine

par Barry Long

Barry Long a fait un chef-d’oeuvre dans ce livre, donnant les façons simples et vraies de faire l’amour, en toute conscience et pleine présence et en toute vérité pour développer la relation intime vraie et nourrissante.

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

by Margo Anand

Margo presents tantra and the art of giving and receiving pleasure in a way that integrates sexual energy and spirituality in a sacred way to create richer relationships, healing and expansion of sexuality as well as the art of becoming multi-orgasmic.

The contents of this book are the foundation for the Skydancing School of Tantra created by Margo.

L’art de l’extase sexuelle

par Margo Anand

Margo Annand présente le tantra et l’art de donner et recevoir du plaisir en intégrant l’énergie sexuelle et la spiritualité de façon sacrée pour créer des relations plus riches, la guérison et l’épanouissement de la sexualité ainsi que l’art de devenir multi-orgasmique.

Ces enseignements forment la base de l’école Skydancing Tantra créée par Margo.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man

by Mantak Chia

Mantac Chia presents de Taoist method of becoming multi-orgasmic while retaining sexual energy for improved health and longer life, allowing for richer and more pleasurable lovemaking and relationships.

L’homme multiorgasmique – Énergie sexuelle masculine

par Mantak Chia

Mantac Chia présente la méthode Taoiste de devenir multiorgasmique tout en retenant l’énergie sexuelle pour une santé améliorée et une longue vie, ce qui permet des relations et une sexualité plus riches, avec plus de plaisir.

5The Multi-Orgasmic Woman – Sexual Secrets Every Woman Should Know

by Mantak Chia

Mantac Chia presents the Taoist teachings that allow women to considerably increase, improve and reinforce sexual pleasure, intimacy and health.

La femme multiorgasmique

par Mantak Chia

Mantac présente la méthode Taoiste qui permet aux femmes de considérablement augmenter, améliorer et renforcer leur plaisir, leur intimité et leur santé.

Others – Autres

Zero Limits – The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More

by Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale presents the simple but powerful Hawaiian method of Ho’Oponopono that was used by Dr Hew Lin to heal the patients and close down a whole mental institution without directly working with them.

Four simple phrases that you can use to transform pain and suffering.

“I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you!”

Zéro Limites

par Joe Vitale

Dans ce livre, Joe Vitale présente le Ho’ Oponopno, une méthode hawaiienne simple, mais puissante utilisée par le Dr Hew Lin pour guérir les patients et fermer une hôpital mentale sans intervenir directement auprès des patients.

Quatre petites phrases que vous pouvez utiliser pour transformer la peine et la souffrance.

«Je t’aime, Je suis désolé, Je te demande pardon, Merci»

The Field

by Lynne McTaggart

Lynne does a fabulous job of explaining Quantum Physics in a way that all can understand. She explains what Zero Point Energy is and also reports on a large double blind study on Distance Healing done by Elizabeth Targ, daughter of a famous quantum physicist.

Le Champ de cohérence universelle

par Lynne McTaggart

Lynne fait un excellent travail de vulgariser et nous aider à comprendre la physique quantique. Elle explique ce qu’est l’énergie du Point Zéro et présente une étude à double insu sur la guérison à distance faite par Elizabeth Targ.

The Intention Experiment

by Lynn McTaggart

In this book Lynn presents many compelling proofs of how intention is a powerful tool to manifest what we want and even influence electronics…

La Science de l’Intention

par Lynn McTaggart

This book’s pictures are enough to get your saliva glands salivating! Lots of information about live food and how to stock your pantry to create wonderful meals using live food.

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

This is the book behind “The Secret”. Esther Hicks channels the entity that calls itself Abraham and explains the Law of Attraction and how to use intention in an effortless way to manifest what you want to create in your life. I recommend this book to many of my clients.

La loi de l’attraction : Les notions de base des enseignements d’Abraham

par Esther et Jerry Hicks

C’est le livre qui a inspiré “Le Secret”. Esther Hicks canalise l’entité qui se nomme Abraham et explique la Loi de l’Attracton et comment utiliser l’intention de façon sans-effort pour manifester ce que l’on veut créer dans notre vie. Je recommande ce livre à plusieurs de mes clients.