Thank you for considering my services.
In case I may not be available, I am including a list of resources persons that work in the same field as me, with similar approaches and modalities. Most have several modalities with which to accompany you.
I recommend that you visit their web sites and call them to see how they might be able to help you.
I am sure that you will find one of them to meet your needs.
Travail individuel –Individual work
Lorraine Desmarais –, 450-670-3214 – Montréal and Longueuil 
Aidan Fisher –, 514-609-5969 – Montréal Nord
Madonna Maher – 514-924-0817 [email protected] Montréal NDG
Josée Martel – 514-948-1119 – Montréal Nord
Marlene Johnson 450-538-5501,ène%20johnson%20coreenergetics– Montréal Centre
Rosie Cappa – (514) 975-3092, [email protected] Montréal Snowdon
Cécile Desjarlais – 514-833-5578 [email protected] Châteauguay
Paule Guérard – 514-831-7243, [email protected]– Montréal
Le travail en couple – Couples’ Work
Lorraine Desmarais –, 450-670-3214, Montréal Centre and Longueuil
Aidan Fisher –, 514-609-5969, Montréal Nord
Madonna Maher – 514-924-0817 [email protected], Montréal NDG
Cécile Desjarlais – 514-833-5578 [email protected], Châteauguay
Paule Guérard – 514-831-7243, [email protected]– Montréal
Hakomi (Découverte assistée de soi en pleine conscience – Mindfulness-Based Assisted Self-Discovery)
Jacqueline Bélair, psychologue – Laval – (514) 625-1779
Core Energetics
See the list of therapists for Core Energetics on tis website
Barbara Brennan Healing Science (This work can be done at a distance)
Lorraine Desmarais –, 450-670-3214 – Montréal Centre et Longueuil
Rosa Bergola –, (514) 251-1511, Montréal Est
Paule Guérard – 514-831-7243, [email protected]– Montréal
Reiki – (This work can be done at a distance)
These Reiki Masters have been trained by me and practice at this time.

Farah Quiroga – – 514-602-1011, Île des Soeurs

Bianca Beauchemin – [email protected] – 514623-8182, Montréal

Camille Rhéaume – [email protected], Vankleek Hill, ON

Marie-Cyrielle Ancile –


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