The aim of Core Energetics is to allow the client’s core essence to be freely expressed to create joy and pleasure instead of pain and suffering. The work in Core Energetics is to overcome the obstacles that prevent the client from experiencing his or her core.

Core Energetics was created by John Pierrakos, who had previously developed BioEnergetics with Alexander Lowen. Both were students of Wilhelm Reich, who was a student of Freud.

John Pierrakos blended the principles and techniques of BioEnergetics and the spiritual dimensions of the Pathwork of Personal Transformation.

Core Energetics is the only body therapy of which I am aware that incorporates the work of awakening using the spiritual aspects of the Higher Self, Lower Self, and Mask Self.

In Core Energetics, we work with the body to release blocked energy held in the body armor, those places where stuck energy is accumulated and held as tension and muscle spasms. We help the client to become aware of the spiritual aspects and how they impact his or her reality and get in the way of experiencing joy and pleasure in life.


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