Roland is a a graduate of the 4-year basic program as well as the Advanced Training in Education (teacher).

Brennan Energy Science

Brennan Science combines hands-on energy techniques with spirituality and awareness to allow you to become more of who you are. The energy techniques work on four dimensions – the physical, the auric (chakras and etheric bodies, the level of intention and the level of divine essence).

A session includes some aspects of awareness; this will allow you to learn about the dynamics that are present as you interact with others in relationship.

The energy work will balance your field and allow you to have a different experience. You will be able to risk changing your dynamics and will learn to choose differently in the moment.

You will be more in touch with your life and world tasks and this will create balance in your life. This will in turn bring you to manifest what it is that you most long for in your life.

The Method

Brennan Science is taught in a four-year course at the Barbara Brennan School. It is an intensive program that teaches how one can facilitate healing by working deeply in the four dimensions of the Human Energy Field—the physical, the aura (chakras and energy bodies), the Hara (level of intention), and the Core Star (level of PURE ESSENCE ).

The basic curriculum at the school includes approximately 60 techniques to work in these four dimensions as well as High Sense Perception (HSP, perceiving the energy field), cellular awareness, personal development through psych-spiritual conscious awakening skills, and professional practice.

Also included are courses on how one can bridge this work with the traditional medical professions and the community of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

The curriculum is enriched with yearly art projects, ceremony, a graduating year practical project, and the presentation of a case study. The student’s growth is supported throughout the four years with individual and group therapy, as well as continuous follow-up and mentoring from the teaching staff.

The graduating Brennan Science Practitioner is thus able to maintain deep contact with the self and other in facilitating the recovery process of the client.

The program is recognized as a Bachelor in Energetic Science by the State of Florida and the school is currently working to gain accreditation in all US states. Barbara opened her school in 1982 and currently runs a school in the USA.

Barbara has a solid scientific background as a physicist working for NASA, and she has done extensive personal development work. She is a Core Energetics Therapist and Pathwork Helper and holds a Doctorate in both Physics and Theology.

Since I am often asked the question about the comparison between Reiki and Brennan Science, I have written an article that is available on my website that presents the similarities and differences in the two approaches. It can be accessed here MyArticles page.

How I integrate this method into my approach

Energy work (a combination of Reiki and Brennan Science) is foundational in my practice. Every time I see a client, I do a reading of the energy field and track the progress from one session to the next.

Unless specifically requested by the client not to do energy work, I will usually include energy balancing in the first session to open the field and start the flow of energy where it has previously been blocked.

In subsequent sessions, I use energy work as required, but there is always an energetic transmission because of the way I have learned to prepare and hold my own energy field when I meet clients. The client’s energy field will adjust itself by induction to mine where my field is more harmonious.

Tracking the energy field with the Chakra Charting Method© that I have developed is a visual way to follow the progress and see where the field is opening and where it still needs support.


See MyReadings page for books by Barbara Brennan.

Distance Work

This science can be done at any distance since we are all connected through the universal energy field. The sessions are just as powerful at a distance as they are in person.

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