Monitoring the energy field (Copyright Roland Bérard) is a simple and effective tool to demonstrate visually the progress of the energy field over time on several healing sessions. The tool uses Excel to generate a table and graphs from the readings of the chakras using the pendulum. Charts are generated automatically for each chakra and come together to Reason, Emotion and Will. Another graph shows the modifiers (Reason, Emotion and Will). To facilitate interpretation, the colors used for each graph are the same colors associated with each of the chakras.

The tool can be used even if you do not use a pendulum indicating a symbol (C) for an open chakra (CC) for a closed chakra.

The tool is very effective:

  • Confirm and demonstrate the healing progress
  • As with traditional medicine interface
  • To indicate where the images, beliefs and defenses are blocking progress. The table and graphics can support recommendations for a deeper work for the client.

The table and the evaluation can be filled manually by using forms or automatically using software.

* It is necessary to have Microsoft Excel to use this tool.

* This tool and forms can be purchased for personal use. A corporate license can be obtained on request.
You can purchase the software using Paypal on the payment page of the website.
A clinical case is presented below together with tables and graphs.

Case report

This case demonstrates the results of 30 healing sessions during a year with a client. The readings of the chakras were taken before each session. The management and kinking diameter were entered and are shown on the table and the following charts.

A chakra is said dysfunctional if the reading is other than C, and this is highlighted in gray.

Each session is shown in a horizontal line and therefore the table has 30 rows. In this case, the following observations were noted.

  • The last few sessions indicate that only 2 or 3 chakras are dysfunctional compared to 5 or 6 in the first sessions. This demonstrates a stabilization in the energy field.
  • Several chakras have been restored, which is evident by looking at the vertical columns. As against the chakras 6B, 5A and 3B remain dysfunctional. This is an indication of the defense strategy and table supports recommendations to undertake work in psychotherapy to transform images and beliefs that hold up this configuration.
  • The charter was used to tell the client how the chakras dysfunction manifested in his life, bringing awareness to the energy dynamics that affect their lives and relationships.
  • The graph shows the modifiers modifying major as Reason and Emotion as the minor. The stabilizing effect can be seen by noting that the graph lines are similar over time.

Chakra readings Table


Initial assessment of the energy field


Progress over time


Graph chakras of Reason


Graph chakras Emotions


Graph chakras of Will


Graph all chakras


Graph Modifiers