What happens in an energy session?

Energy sessions can be done in person or by distance. But first, what is energy work? Who heals?

What is energy work?

No one person can heal another. A doctor can re-align your bones after a break but the doctor does not heal the bones. The person’s body does that. Certainly there are traditional and alternative methods as well as natural and pharmaceutical products that speed the process along, but healing happens from within.

In the holistic view, disease is a message from the body, a physical or emotional manifestation of imbalance at a deeper level. Disease happens as a result of forgetting who we are.

In an energy session, sacred space is created for you. The healer creates a container of safety and unconditional presence where a return to wholeness becomes possible. It happens by harmonic induction, a bit like plucking a string on one instrument and seeing the same string vibrate on a nearby instrument without having been plucked.

You leave the session with a balanced field and you may have a different (perhaps still not conscious) experience as you go back out into the world. As the sessions progress, the field becomes more stable, your interpersonal dynamics are made conscious and you can eventually make different choices on how you relate to the world. This brings about changes as you let go of old habits that you no need and you start to feel better, come to know better who you are and act differently with your environment.

The modalities that I use treats the whole person and the source of the symptoms. We do not just cover up or eliminate the symptoms while the disease goes underground.

All disease and dis-ease first appears and is present in the energy field before it manifests itself on the physical body and therefore, it can be treated through the energy field.

The modalitites that I use can reduce the time it takes to heal from injuries, disease, burns, emotional problems, surgeries, fractures and other diseases.

In-person session

In our first session, I begin by reviewing your physical and emotional history so that I know where you are and why you have come. Then I explain how I work and tell you about the energy field. I do an assessment of your energy field and explain to you which centres are in balance and which ones are not and how that might be manifesting itself in your life experience. Here you begin to understand the work.

From here, I will use the modalities that best address your particular situation and go from there.

When I do energy work, I balance your field through your joints and your energy centers (chakras). This is usually very relaxing and many of my clients actually drift off to sleep.

Often, I will teach you some techniques to empower you so that you can help yourself between our sessions.

While we have a medium to long term goal for returning to wholeness, we always work with “what wants to happen now” and this is where we begin subsequent sessions.

We may establish a work plan and schedule a series of sessions. This ensures integration over a period of time so that you can experience the results of the work.

Distance Energy Work

Energy sessions can be done at any distance since we are all related through the universal energy field and can connect by intention. The sessions are just as powerful at a distance as they are in person.

Prior to the session, you will fill out and send me the intake and consent forms so that I can be aware of your physical and emotional history.

Just prior to, or at the beginning of a distance session, you will communicate with me by phone or email to let me know what is up for you.

Then you simply sit or lie down in a comfortable place and I work on your energy field the same as I would if you were present. You may or may not feel something, and you may even fall asleep during the session.

If necessary, we will communicate after to discuss anything that might have come up, or we will wait until the next session to do so.