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Reiki Courses

Reiki I – to treat yourself and others.

Reiki II – symbols are taught that increase the healing power and allow distance healing. A method called Mental Reiki is also taught.

Reiki III – introduction of the 1st Master symbol and a technique for harmonization.

Reiki Master / Teacher – Master and Teaching level.


The course is given in French, English, or bilingual depending on the needs at the time. See calendar of events for dates and times.

Costs: (a deposit is required to save your place)

Reiki 1 – 1 evening & 1 day
Reiki 2 – 1 day
Reiki 3 – 1 day + homework, please contact me
Master/Teacher – (initiation + program to integrate), please contact me

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Course Location

Courses are given on the island of Montreal. The exact location will be confirmed each time.

Suggested Preparation for Course

The Reiki course will allow you to channel universal energy. To better prepare yourself, here are a few recommendations:

For the three (3) days prior to and during the course:

Do not eat any red meat (meat requires a lot of energy to digest);
Don’t drink coffee or beverages containing caffeine (minimize nervous system stimulants);
Minimise chocolate or sugar (minimize nervous system stimulants);
If you smoke, try to minimise it;
Do not take alcohol (alcohol depresses the nervous system);
Do not have any sexual relations (to keep your energy);
Take some time to be with yourself – take walks, minimize TV and radio, listen to your interior self, go inward.

These preparations will help you to be more receptive to the energy that you will receive during the initiations, and will enhance your participation in the course.

During the course

You are invited to wear white or light coloured clothing. White is simply symbolic of light, clarity, celebration, transformation and we usually wear it on a special occasion.

Do not plan any activities for the weekend or days you will be taking the course. Leave yourself time to feel the energy and appreciate your initiation….

The participation in a traditional Reiki seminar always means an enormous leap forward in your personal development. The life energy processes introduced by the initiations and the intensive contact with the universal life energy will open new opportunities of experience for you and give you better access to the loving, living portions of your personality. Dormant talents can be activated and abilities that you already live can be expanded. You alone can decide how profound this gentle process of evolution will be for you!

In the days before the seminar, take some time for yourself on a regular basis and make it clear to yourself what you expect from your life, to what extent you have put these expectations into practice, and what you would like to open yourself for in the future. Do you desire more love and fulfilment in your relationships, would you finally like to have a satisfying occupational perspective for yourself, or would you like to solve a health problem?

Whatever it may be, the energy of the initiations and Reiki sessions during the seminar can introduce a positive development in every respect important for you. This means that you will not be healed in the medical sense of the word when you participate. But it can accelerate the developmental and learning processes within you, thereby contributing to a happier and healthier life in a comprehensive sense. Expect everything and nothing! Make yourself free for everything that will happen. Don’t subject yourself to any limitations for your growth, and do open the door of your consciousness for the wishes concealed deep within your heart.

The process that I have just described has nothing to do with your opening up for the universal life energy through the traditional initiations. You will become a Reiki channel in any case if you are initiated by a Reiki Master. You must do nothing and need to do nothing more that simply be there for this purpose.

Don’t plan any scheduled or strenuous activities during the seminar days. Permit yourself to be there for yourself. The initiations can trigger deep processes of becoming conscious, and it is good to have the time to also work through them. You can come into an intensive contact with yourself – take advantage of this opportunity! For these reasons, you should follow the above recommendations for preparation during the seminar time. The preparation will increase your ability to perceive and thereby your possibilities of consciously experiencing the coming changes.