What is an assessment of the chakras?

An evaluation of your chakras is a reading each of your chakras and a balancing your energy field.

This is done remotely using a pendulum and High Sense Perception.

A chart is completed and is sent to you. This chart shows the status of each chakra (1-7), which organs and glands are affected and what aspect of your life is also affected.

I will interpret the Chart to give you an indication of how this configuration affects your life.

I will also explain what you can do for yourself to rebalance your chakras and the work that we could do together to balance and stabilize your field so that you can manifest what you want your life.
The results will be sent by email or by post.

If you wish, you can continue working with me to my office in person or long distance.

Evaluation of chakras

The following chart will be sent.


To receive an evaluation simply make a payment on the payment page of this site.

What is a chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. Chakras act as funnels that captures the energy of the Universal Energy Field and metabolizes it so that the body can use. Each chakra nourishes the endocrine glands and organs and also governs a psychodynamic function. For example, the 5th chakra nourishes the vocal apparatus, the lungs and bronchi. This chakra influences how we express ourselves in society (our industry), our fluency to others, our facility to express our needs and our ability to receive.

There are 7 major chakras and many secondary chakras. The 7 chakras are at about the level of the endocrine glands. Vertically, there is a chakra in the head (crown chakra) and another at the perineum (root chakra). There are 5 other horizontally, one in the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus and the pelvis. Each of the chakras on the horizontal plane has a front and rear side. In general, the front aspects relate to our emotions, the back aspects to our will and the head to our reason.

A healthy chakra rotates in the direction of a clock and captures the energy. A chakra that is not healthy distorts energy and in so doing does not feed the body and mind in a healthy way.

What does the imbalance of a chakra indicate?

As mentioned above, an unbalanced chakra distorts the energy. If this persists for a long time, the physical body, glands, organs and mind are affected. This eventually causes disease and/or dis-ease. When we are sick, we do not live our true nature and we are not happy. Any illness or discomfort manifests itself primarily in the energy field before becoming a physical reality.

The above explained distortions become habitual defense mechanisms for each individual. These images, beliefs and defense mechanisms become our personalities and govern how we relate with others, and therefore, shape and control our lives. In many ways, they stifle our energy and creative impulses that emerge from our essence.

How can we correct this?

Chakras can be rebalanced through energy work and work on oneself.

As an energy worker, I use Brennan Healing Science and Reiki to recharge and balance the energy field. This brings the chakras into balance and allows them to nourish the body in a healthy way. This also affects our relationships.

When working on the energy field for several sessions, the field becomes balanced and stabilized. When the field becomes stable, the body can use energy to heal itself. The person has a more wholesome life experience. The creative energy is not distorted as it emerges from our  Essence and the person may make different choices in each moment. This affects relationships with others.

Another part of the work I do is to help my clients recognize the dynamics that make he or she is taken in the usual ways. Once the energy field is balanced and stabilized, a return to wholeness becomes possible.

The number of sessions is different for each individual.

This work is complementary to any other modality.