Get an Evaluation of your Group’s Energy Field

After familiarizing yourself with the contents of this page, you may wish to get a reading of your group’s collective energy field and see how it resonates with your personal experience of the group’s dynamics, strengths and weaknesses.

A chart of the reading will be forwarded to you along with an interpretation of what this might represent in your group experience. You may be surprised at the accuracy of the evaluation!

You can then have healing work done on your group by setting up healing sessions. The progress of the work is tracked as shown below.

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Healing work on Groups, Organizations, Teams, Committees, Businesses and Corporations

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The Group Energy Field – How Energy Work Applies to Groups

Groups of people, whether they form a team, a committee, an organization, a business or a corporation have an energy field that can be worked on to improve well being and performance.

A group is a collective of individuals and therefore a collective of their energy dynamics. The energy field and dynamics of each individual in the group interacts with the others to generate a group field and group dynamic.

Just as individual energy fields can be read and worked on to bring about healing, so can that of the group. The work acts on the collective to bring about alignment and harmonization of how each individual’s contribution affects the group. The net result is a more harmonious group of individuals and a more harmonious workplace that can be creative and easily manifest its Mission. Everyone is happier, including the Shareholders!

This work is done using Brennan Healing Science, a 4-year program in energy work of which Roland is an Advanced Studies graduate.

Work is charted, tracked and visually represented using the Chakra Charging Method (Copyright Roland Berard).

Group Energy Centers

The group’s energy field, as a collective of all the individuals, also has energy centers (these are also called Chakras, a word which means Wheel in Sanskrit). There are 7 main Energy Centers or Chakras, which are doorways through which we relate to our environment.

When any of these centers are not functioning well, the ability to relate is affected and the group experience is not as harmonious as it could be.

The area of relationship for each center is as follows:

  • 1st – Groundedness – this is the connection to reality and sense of belonging to group and to the community. It also governs the vitality of the group.
  • 2nd – Creativity – the quality and quantity of the collective’s creativity and how it is able to manifest itself.
  • 3rd – Mission – reflects how the group feels about its place in world and its contribution to society. It also governs its intention for its own well-being (absence of internal sabotage).
  • 4th – Heart – affects the collective’s ability to have their heart in their work, their love of what they do and the ability of the group members to be in relationship with each other and the whole.
  • 5th – Communication – affects the group’s ability to communicate within and without, and how it feels about its expression in society and in the community.
  • 6th – Ideas and concepts – reflects the ability to understand and visualize concepts, group direction, directives and policies. It also reflects its ability to bring them into reality, or execute plans.
  • 7th – Connection to the Greater Whole – affects its ability to feel connected to the whole of humanity.


Modifiers is a term used to group the centers that relate to Reason, Emotion or Will.

Ideally, decisions should be taken from a balanced place of Reason, Will and Emotion.

All groups operate using a stronger (major) and a weaker (minor) modifier. In our society, the strong one is usually Reason and/or Will, the weak one being Emotion. When that is the case, it means that decisions are taken based on Reason and/or Will rather than taking into account the emotional component of the individuals.

Healing work will tend to strengthen the weaker modifier and bring it into balance with the others, leading to a more balanced approach to decision-making and/or action.

Group Hara or intention

The group’s ability to be harmonious and productive is also directly related to the alignment and connection of its intention to exist with its mission and its connection to the support systems in its environment, as well as to its Divine Essence.

This connection, known as the Hara Line (see article above), is sometimes distorted or broken. This directly affects the group’s ability to carry out its intended work and fulfill its mission statement.

Healing the Hara Line can be done using Brennan Healing Science. This is carried out during the course of a healing session.

Healing Work on the Group

Healing work on groups is done remotely. Once a clear mandate has been given to do energy work, a time is set for a healing session. Relevant information is communicated to Roland prior to or at the appointed time.

During the session the energy field and Hara Line are worked on by Roland. An email is sent at the completion of the session with an interpretation of the reading of the energy field. A summary of the work done is included as well as suggestions on how to work with the difficulties or weaknesses perceived during the session.

The reading of the energy field taken before each session is tabulated on a chart so it can be tracked over time as shown in the Case Study below. The accompanying graphs visually display the progress of work.


The following is a case study of the work done with a group of about 20 individuals condominium co-owners. Historically, this group did not communicate well and general meetings were tedious.

A mandate was received to work on the group when a very complicated, costly and challenging issue needed to be resolved. The energy work was done during the month leading up to a general meeting at which a decision had to be made to resolve the problem.

Surprisingly, the meeting went very well. After a minimal Cas Clinique de Groupe – Évaluation amount of explanation and review of documents sent out prior to the meeting, a vote was taken on the issue at hand. The result was 94% in favour of the board of director’s proposed solution. The board committee members were astounded at the results. An agreement was obtained in the next few days by both parties and the work was able to progress rapidly. The chart, pictorial and graphs documenting the initial field assessment and subsequent progress of the changes in the energy field can be seen below.

Cas Clinique de Groupe - Évaluation


Chart of Energy Center Readings

The following chart indicates the readings on the group’s energy centers before the 1st session and before each successive session. The dysfunctional centers are shaded in grey.

Notice how the initial difficulties actually show up in the energy centers that are dysfunctional (shaded).

The shaded areas directly correspond to the issues being experienced by the collective in administering their common property as can be seen by the dysfunctional (shaded) centres from the initial reading and their sphere of relationship:

  • 1st – Groundedness, sense of belonging
  • 3rd – Sense of purpose
  • 4th – Heart (taking their common property at heart)
  • 5th – Communication with each other
  • 6th– Understanding concepts and manifesting ideas

Each successive line of the chart indicates less shaded areas, and is representative of the healing process as fewer and fewer centers are dysfunctional. The reduced amount of grey in each successive row indicates that the field is literally cleared of debris and stagnant energy which gets in the way of harmony.

Initial Assessment of the Field

The initial assessment is a pictorial representation of the group’s energy centers at the time of the initial reading of the energy field as detailed above. The dysfunctional centers are shaded.

Cas de Groupe  - Lectures

Overall Progress

This graph displays how the group’s energy increases (upper line on the graph) while the number of dysfunctional centers decreases over time (lower line on the graph), indicating a more open and harmonious field. This of course led to better understanding of the issue, better communication, better sense of belonging, a smooth meeting and a resolution of the issue at hand



Graph of Modifiers

In this Case Study, the major modifier was Emotion (green), and the weaker ones were Reason (yellow) and Will (red). It is interesting to note that in such a setting as a group of condominium co-owners, the energy field can reveal that Emotions prevailed over Reason in the decision-making process. The graph of modifiers shows the effect over time as the lines move closer to each other and the modifiers become more balanced. Over the short duration in which energy work was done on this group, the graph shows that the lines come closer to each other. In other words, the modifiers came closer to being in balance. Since the lines are not yet fully together, further work needs to bring them into balance.

Cas Clinique de Groupe - Modifiants