An Evaluation of your Couple’s Energy Field

After reading this, you might be curious to evaluate the energy field of your relationship to see if the interpretation obtained corresponds to your own experience of your couple experience.

After evaluating your couple’s energy field, I will send you a diagram illustrating the reading and a detail interpretation. Do not be surprised if this reading is of great accuracy!

If you wish, it will then be possible to perform energy work on your couple, with follow-up, as explained below.
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Photos from the book “Hands of Light” Barbara Brennan reproduced with permission

Eva_Couple in Harmony

Two people in a harmonious relationship



Two people in love

Reference Articles

Energy Work for Couples

The harmony of the couple depends on the relationship between the two partners; if one or both spouses begin individual therapy, or if the couple starts couple’s therapy, the relationship between the partners will be affected.

Personal Work

In individual work, the therapist helps the client explore the woundings that have generated defensive relational dynamics that are still in place. Although these may have been appropriate at the time, these dynamics and beliefs and the resulting images, limit the development of the person and diminish the relational capacity with others and with the environment in general.

In individual therapy, the partner involved changes and his or her relationship to the couple also changes. Any change in one partner affects the relationship. However the relationship is often not the subject of individual work, but rather a consequence of which we can not easily predict the outcome.

Couples Work

In couples work, relationship dynamics are reviewed and processed to create more harmony.

Energy Work for Couples

In energy work for couples, a practitioner can read and work directly on the collective field (aura) of the couple as well as relational cords connecting one spouse to the other. This technique is as powerful as it is relevant.

Every human being has seven major energy centers; when two people enter into a relationship, connections (cords) are created from one energy center to another. These cords need to be maintained, as they can accumulate stagnant energy, break, weaken or become clogged, which undermines healthy interaction. Cleaning and repairing these relational cords improve the relationship.

The Energy Field of the Couple
How energy work applies to the collective field of the couple.

A couple is the joining of two people and their respective energy dynamics, which creates a collective energy field reflecting the particular dynamics of the couple.

Work can be done on the energy field of the couple as well as on that of an individual to induce a return to a healthy relationship. For couple’s work, the dynamic contribution of each partner is realigned, the cords cleaned and repaired, which restores creativity and a harmonious relationship.

This work can be accomplished with Barbara Brennan Healing Science, and advanced four-year program in energy science, for which Roland holds basic and advanced training.

The progress of the work is easy to follow thanks to the charting system that Roland has developed and for which he holds the copyrights (see article).

The Energy Centers of the Couple – the Chakras

As in the energy field of an individual, the energy field of a couple has 7 main centers (or chakras – a Sanskrit word meaning wheel). These 7 centers allow us to relate to the world around us and also with each other. If one of our chakras malfunctions, a harmonious relationship is much more difficult than it should be.

The relational aspect  governed by each chakra are:

  • 1st – Quantity of Energy and Vitality, Sense of Belonging – This chakra governs or influences the couple’s energy level and vitality and their sense of belonging to the couple.
  • 2nd – Creativity and Sexuality – This chakra influences the quality and quantity of creativity and the capacity to give and receive physical, emotional and spiritual pleasure including sensuality, sexuality and libido.
  • 3rd – Sense of Purpose – This energy chakra influences the couple’s sense of purpose within the global context as well as its intention regarding the health of the couple.
  • 4th – Openness to Love – The heart chakra affects the couples capacity and openness to love, affectivity and intimacy as well as its ability to go with the flow.
  • 5th – Expression –The areas of relationship governed by this chakra are expression, communication and the feeling of its expression in society and to each other. 
  • 6th – Ideas and concepts – This chakra governs the couples ability to visualize and understand concepts that are put forth, as well as the ability to put them into practice.  It is often called the Mental Executive.
  • 7th – Mission – This chakra has to do with the couple’s Divine Mission. This is the spiritual aspect of the couple, even though spirituality may not be a part of the couple’s conscious identity.

The Modifiers

Modifier is a term used to group the chakras that relate to Reason, Emotion or Will.

Ideally, decisions should be taken from a balanced place of Reason, Will and Emotion. However, the reality is that all couples operate from a stronger (major) and a weaker (minor) modifier. In our society, the stronger is often Reason or Will (or a combination) and lowest Emotion. 

Energy work tends to reinforce the weakest and thus restore the balance with the other two modifiers, and facilitating choices in with respect to the couple.

The Intention of the Couple or the Hara

The harmony that reigns in the couple also depends on its alignment and intention to exist (mission) and its ability to find and allow support from the environment and its ability to feel their divine essence as a couple.

This is known as Hara Line. It is sometimes broken or crooked or distorted (see reference article cited above). This will have a direct impact on the couple and its mission. Work on the Hara can be accomplished using the Science of Barbara Brennan. This is done during a session of energy work.

Couple Energy Work

Energy work may be done in person or remotely. When done by distance, an appointment is taken and relevant information is communicated to Roland before the appointment time.

During the session, work is done on the energy field and the Hara line. For distance working, an email is sent once the session has been completed relating to the interpretation of the reading of the energy field taken before the session, detailing the work done and suggestions as to how to work with difficulties or perceived weaknesses.

A reading of the energy field is taken before each session and noted on the chart thereby allowing visual monitoring, illustrating the progress of work.


The table, image and the following graphs illustrate the initial reading of the energy field and gradual changes following the energy sessions with the couple John and Mary (names have been changed to respect their privacy).

Initial Reading of the Energy Field

The diagram illustrates the state of the chakras of the couple at the initial reading of the energy field. The dysfunctional chakras are shaded.
“A” is the front aspect of the chakra and “B” is the rear aspect.

There is a direct link between the problems experienced by the couple and the dysfunctional chakras. For John and Mary, 7 chakras  (5B, 4A, 3A, 3B and 2B) function well (not shaded). The chakras 6A, 6B, 5A, 4B, 2A and 1 are shaded and are not working optimally.

Here is a possible interpretation of these dysfunctions:

1 – Grounding, Sense of Belonging

This chakra is not working harmoniously: it could mean that the partners do not have the feeling of belonging to the couple or the couple is not well rooted in its social environment.
After discussion, it turns out that two or three years ago, John and Mary moved in order to be closer to their families. Despite going ahead with the move, their decision was not entirely unanimous. They now have  difficulty integrating with their new environment; their home has problems with the foundations and the relationship with in-laws are strained.

2nd – Creativity and Sexuality

The rear aspect (2B – libido, creative energy) works well and the front aspect (2A – quality of sexual life, quality of creativity) is not working harmoniously.

The couple has a good creative energy and good libido, but the pleasure of giving and receiving is not as present and fluid as it could be.

3rd – Sense of Purpose of the Couple

Both aspects (3A and 3B) of this chakra work well. The couple feels good about their place in the universe (front aspect) and has a positive intention toward the health of the couple (rear aspect).

This was evident at our first session; both expressed a real desire to reconnect, to recreate positive energy dynamics in their couple and redefine their purpose as a couple.

4th – Heart

The front aspect (4A) is working well. Each partner feels good the love they have for each other. However, the rear aspect (4B) is shaded, so it is not harmonious.

The rear aspect governs the use of the will in the couple. When dysfunctional, this may indicate that one or both partners are trying to control the course of events rather than trusting life.

Their love for each other was palpable in the room. Upon seeing the diagram, one of the partners resonated with the tendency to force things.

5th – Communication and Expression

The rear aspect (5B) is working well. This means that the couple feels good about its expression in society. However, the front aspect (5A) is dysfunctional, indicating that communication within the couple might be improved (express ideas and/or needs, and accepting/receiving help from the other).

6th – Understanding Concepts, Manifesting Ideas

Both aspects (6A and 6B) are dysfunctional in this couple. This suggests that partners have difficulty sharing a common vision of life or even exploring concepts together (A). This would make it difficult to create common projects and manifest them (B).

This was also confirmed at the first session.

7th – Connect to All

In this couple, this chakra is working well. They are connected in their spirituality.

Evolution of our Work Together

The work was spread over four sessions in six to eight weeks, as can be seen on the chart below.

By the second session, there was a new dynamic and a reconciliation between the couple. They no longer felt “in neutral”. They both did the work of introspection and managed to better communicate and listen better to each other. This had the effect of deepening their sense of belonging to the couple and allowed them to set up joint projects to transform their home. Things had become more fluid.

After the fourth session, there had been sufficient improvement to take a break so that they could integrate the work. Both felt more invested in the couple and seemed more solid as a couple. A follow-up about two months later confirmed continued positive progress.

Chart of Readings of the energy Centers

The next table illustrates the state of the chakras of the couple at the initial reading of the energy field. Dysfunctional chakras are shaded.

Looking at each line of the table, we see less and less dysfunctional chakras (shaded) on each subsequent line. Less gray areas in each session indicates that the field has cleared over time from debris and stagnant energy that impacted the harmony of the couple.Eva_4JEAN MARIE CHARTE 2012


This chart shows how the energy the couple has increased over time, as the number of dysfunctional centers decreases and the field becomes more harmonious. The partners have a better understanding of each other, communicate more easily together and enjoy a stronger sense of belonging.


Graph of Modifiers

In this example, the major modifiers are Reason (yellow line) and Will (red line). The weaker the Emotion (green line). Reason and Will, rather than the prevailing emotions impacted and influenced their decision making.

The graph illustrates how the modifiers changed during the short time we worked together: modifiers separated from each other. The fact that the lines did not come together indicates that there is still work to be done for the couple to find an optimal balance. With continued work the lines might eventually come together and remain stable.