This COVI19 situation and all of the social distancing that it implies has had and will continue to have for a while yet, broad and intense implications in our lives and how we can interract socially and participate in the activities that interest us.

For this reason, I will be giving the Reiki training on-line, at reduced cost. I have over 20 years of experience in doing distance sessions and I know from this experience that it works as I continue to see results with my clients. This can also include Reiki initiations, that I have already done when the circumstances have warranted. I prefer to teach in person, but this situation encourages us to look at doing things differently.

So I will be giving on line using Zoom, which will allow me to transmit all but the exchange with another student. However, I can easily demonstrate how to offer a Reiki session and if you have a person with whom you can practice at home during the course, then I will also be able to guide that part. You will not however, be able to experience receiving from another, unless you are both taking the course from the same home/location and can exchange together. All you will need a massage table or a solid kitchen table with a soft covering. 

For those taking level 1, I require that you attend a practice days so you can get the hands-on experience before I issue your certificate.

The advantage is that you will not have to travel back and forth to the venue and you will have a tool to use on yourself and those living with you in these trying times.

So here is how we will proceed:

Steps before the course and installing Zoom

Once you have filled out the online registration form and that your spot has been confirmed, you can install the free Zoom app from the internet before the course. If you already have it, make sure you update to Version 5.0 at You can then make your payment by Interac, check or Paypal. Once I have received your payment, I will email the course manual before the course so that you have it and can refer to it as needed.

With Zoom, you will be able to see, meet and interact with all the participants and there will be a time to introduce each other and share. 

For those taking Level 1 Reiki

1 – Friday evening, starting at 6:30pm, we will complete part 1 of the course which includes the introduction, 2 initiations and a self-treatment. 
2 – Saturday, starting at 10am, we will do part 2 which consists of 2 more initiations, a review of the principles and after a 1-hour pause for lunch, I will teach and demonstrate how to offer a Reiki session to another person. You will then practice on another person if you have someone with you. 
3 – I will issue your certificate once you have attended a hands-on in-person practice. 
4 – I will remain available for any questions after the course.

For those taking Level 2 Reiki

1 – On Sunday, starting at 10am, we will share your experiences since taking level 1, answer any questions you may have and you will receive 2 initiations that are part of level 2.
2 – We will review the principles, and I will introduce the 3 new symbols. After a 1-hour pause for lunch, I will explain how to use the symbols during a session and demostrate as needed.
3 – Then I will teach how to do a distance session using the symbols and will practice together on some situations.
4 – To complete I will teach an alternative way of offering Reiki.
5 – I will mail the signed certificate after the course. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.