The DNA activation reawakens the latent DNA material, first around the Youth and Vitality Chromosome and then around the remaining chromosomes. DNA activation simply restores you to your original divine blueprint by reawakening the latent DAN material that is in your cells.

See the text below extracted from the book “Bringers of the Dawn – Teachings from the Pleiadians” by Barbara Marciniak which goes an overview of what happened to our DNA.

This activation is done in all the cells of the body and is integrated over a period of 3 months to 2 years and helps to activate more of who we are.

The activation can be done by distance if desired. Please contact Roland by email at [email protected] to schedule a DNA activation.

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This text extracted from the book “Bringers of the Dawn – Teachings from the Pleiadians” by Barbara Marciniak – Bear and Company Publishing – ISBN – 0-939680-98-X – published in 1992.

These new owners (of Planet Earth) who came here 300,000 years ago are the magnificent beings spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all over the world. They came to Earth and rearranged the native human species. They rearranged your DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band whose frequency could feed them and keep them in power.

The original human was a magnificent being whose twelve strands of DNA were contributed by a variety of sentient civilizations. When the new owners came in, they worked in their laboratories and created versions of humans with a different DNA – the two-stranded, double-helix DNA. They took the original DNA of the human species and disassembled it. The original DNA pattern was left within the human cells, yet it was not functional; it was split apart, unplugged.

Within human cells are light-encoded filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy that carry information. When these gossamer threads are working together like a cable – the way fiber optics works – they form the helix of your DNA. When you were rearranged, you where left with the double helix. Anything that was unnecessary for survival and that would keep you informed was unplugged, leaving you with only a double helix that would lock you into controllable, operate frequencies.

A frequency fence, something like an electrical fence, was put around the planet to control how much the frequencies of humans could be modulated and changed. As the story goes, this frequency fence made it very difficult for the frequencies of light – information – to penetrate. When light frequencies were able to penetrate the control fence, there was no light to receive them. The human’s DNA was unplugged, the light-encoded filaments were no longer organized, so the creative cosmic rays that brought light did not have anything to plug into and hold onto.

As members of the Family of Light, you agreed to come to Earth many times – in many guises and in many different time frames – to learn the ropes, to figure out the character, and to become trained. You needed to experience Earth and to prepare yourself for the time when the frequency alteration would begin to occur and you would all incarnate in large numbers to bring the plan into action.

The Family of Light everywhere is beginning to unite. You must all focus on what you have in common, not what you do not have in common. As members of the Family of Light, you bring information to the planet neutrally to stimulate your own growth. You need to do this – for your growth affects the growth of the planet.

Your DNA will evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes. These twelve helixes correspond to energy centers, or chakras, inside and outside of your body. Millions of you on the planet at this time are on assignment, and you have agreed to carry the frequency to accomplish this. Handfuls of you are becoming impeccable, and these handfuls are affecting the others. Soon you will begin to have great clarity as to who you are and what your assignment is.

This process is an incredible evolutionary leap for one to be involved in, and it is going to take place on an accelerated path for the next twenty years. There are those who have already received a realignment of the twelve strands of DNA, the twelve helixes. These twelve spiral strands of DNA interact with one another in the body and outside of the body. The connection of the twelve strands means that the twelve energy or information centers can begin to function and send information back and forth to one another.

Traditionally, seven of these centers are located in the body, and five are located outside of the body. They are commonly known as your chakra centers and are aligned with the spinning of the twelve heavenly bodies that you know of at this time within your solar system – the twelve heavenly bodies that are vibrating, as you recognize them, in 3D. These twelve heavenly bodies are spinning with information: they spin with the chakra systems that go out to the end of the universe, and they spin with the DNA spinning inside your body.

When human DNA begins to rebundle as a twelve-stranded helix system and this information is acted upon, there will be incredible power. Individuals, simply by coming together and jointly intending what they want – jointly becoming a telepathic receptacle for energies from all over the cosmos – will change the face of the universe.

We call rebundling process of you DNA a mutation. Once you, as members of the Family of Light, are able to take this mutation into our bodies, you will be able to integrate your twelve centers of information. You will begin to understand that you create your experiences, and you will learn to become conscious creators. More than that, you will become conscious rememberers of who you are.

As your tenth, eleventh, and twelfth chakras begin to open themselves, many off-planet energies will appear in your lives. These energies will occur on this planet as more and more of you hold the higher frequencies. The tenth chakra connects with the solar system, the eleventh with the galaxy, and the twelfth with a place in this universe. As you hold these frequencies, you will bring information onto the planet that will astound and shock most of the world.

There will be a merging of identities, a merging of cultures, an infusion of many «new world orders,» and there will be much chaos and confusion. As members of the Family of Light, you can simply observe this, knowing that chaos and confusion must come to break down the system so that it can be rebuilt with light. As members of the Family of Light, you can understand that there is an evolutionary process taking place and that those who can handle the changing frequencies by all means with evolve. Earth is an exciting place to be at this time. It is a good plan, is it not?