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  • Interac Email Money Transfer (Canadian residents only)
  • Cash or check if paying in person at the office – I do not accept Interac or credit cards at my office.

If you send a check or an international money order, please make it payable to Roland Bérard and send it to:

Roland Bérard
2707 Place Alfred
Brossard, Québec
J4Z 3N7

Payments for services

Interac Email Money Transfer

    This is simple and safe. If you are a Canadian resisdent and your financial institution offers you the Interac online payment, you can send money by email from the transfer payment section in your bank account on line to my email adress

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Paypal method :

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Receipts for insurances available.

Special payment

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Individual Services

Chakras Assessment: $25.00

First session: $100.00

Subsequent sessions for Canadian residents: $85.00

Subsequent sessions for Canadian residents – Package of 4: $310.00

Subsequent sessions for International residents: $95.00

Subsequent sessions for International residents – Package of 4: $340.00

Healing work for couples

Evaluation of the couple’s energy field: $30.00

First session: $145.00

Subsequent sessions $135.00

International residents: $135.00

Group Sessions

Group of up to 20 individuals

Evaluation of the group energy field: $35.00

Healing session: $120.00

Group of up to 50 individuals

Evaluation of the group energy field: $100.00

Healing session: $250.00

Group of over 50 individuals

Evaluation of the group energy field: $150.00

Healing session: $400.00

DNA Activation

Distance activation: $75.00

Distance Activation, including Chakra Assessment: $100.00

Reiki courses

ReikiDeposit to save a spot for the course $50.00

Balance for Level 1: $125.00

Level 1 complete payment: $175.00

Balance for Level 2: $180.00

Level 2 complete payment: $230.00

Level 3 and Master Teacher: Please contact-Us

Chakra Charting Method

Chakra Charting Method Software: $70.00


Set of 50 sheets of Assessment and Chart: $40.00

DVD on Grounding 1, 2, 3

In this DVD’ Roland teaches you a simple and quick, yet powerful method to ground yourself in 3 dimensions – physical, energetic and with intention. About 12 minutes: 12.00$

eBook – Reiki

A Powerful Catalyst for Personal Transformation and Healing (eBook) Buy 5.99$ Buy

Print Book – Reiki

Book – Reiki – A Powerful Catalyst for Personal Transformation and Healing (will ship to Canada and US only) $24.95 + GST + Shipping and Handling 26$

Gift certificate

Amount determined by you
Enter amount in field
For a first session
for a session for an existing customer

Packages for sessions paid in advance (New customer)

Including the first four meetings and three additional
(value of $ 355, $ 35 discount)
6 meetings including the first and five more
(value of $ 525, $ 45 discount)

Packages for sessions paid in advance (Existing Customer)

4 meetings
(value of $ 340, $ 30 discount)
6 meetings
(value of $ 510, $ 40 discount)

The combo fasciatherapy / Energy

1 (new client)
2nd and following sessions (existing customer)

The combo fasciatherapy / energy begins with an energetic treatment to align and balance your energy system and continue with work on the body is now ready. Method Danis Bois (SPP) is a unique approach that works fascia (the membrane covering the muscles and other connective tissues) and resets the internal movement in parts of the body where the sensitivity, mobility and conspicuity are lost and missing. The work is all the more effective once the energy system is balanced. This work brings deep relaxation and an awakening of the body.

Discovery package and Wellness

6 meetings to discover and experience
one session at a time, of all the terms used by Roland, including a session at the end. Energy (integration of Reiki, Science Brennan, Quantum Touch), EFT, Hakomi, DNA Activation, Fasciathérapie
This package will begin with a reading of your energy field you'll be presented and explained at the first meeting. The first meeting will be a session to energy balance your energy field and begin the healing process to get back on the path to wellness.
The next meetings will be entirely dedicated to each of the modalities for making the experience to address what is present for you. The mode will be selected as needed. The latest meeting will integrate, as appropriate, on terms to be most appropriate for your situation.
If there is need for adjustment during these meetings, it will be done in collaboration with you to ensure that you receive what you need. The spacing of sessions will be made as needed. At the end of those six games, you can decide whether to continue the work or take a break.
(Value of $ 510, $ 40 discount)


I ask my clients to advise me 48 hours (minimum 24) in advance to make a change or to cancel a session. If this is not done, then the full cost of a session will be billed and will have to be paid before we continue treatment. I do understand that there are times when emergencies (snow storm, sudden sickness) do not allow this to happen.

There are two main reasons for this change.

The first reason has to do with self-responsibility, which is a crucial element in a healing journey. It is important to me to work with people who are serious about their healing journey and maintain a strong intention to heal. The action of advising ahead of time that a session must be cancelled is a part of this journey.

Secondly, this work is how I earn my living and absences greatly affect my revenue. By being advised ahead of time, I can minimize the impact of these absences by offering the time slot to another client.