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Roland Bérard is Reiki master teacher since 1997. Roland is certified as a practitioner and trainer in Hakomi. Roland Bérard offers reiki courses in Montreal, Quebec

Reiki Whale Song

Beautifully interwoven with whale songs, this provides a relaxing and nourrishing atmosphere for healings and massage.

Transformation – Music for Massage

Very relaxing music for massage. I use this one often.


This is Deva’s classic CD where she chants sacred Sanskrit mantra. I really love this CD which sets a great mood for healings.


Another CD by Deva that has wonderful tracks of chants and mantras.

Healing Music of the Goddess Volumes 1 and 2

Marjorie channelled divine harp music during Heyon channellings par Barbara Brennan. Angelic harp for healing sessions. Available on Barbara Brennan’s on-line store.

Reiki Hands of Light

This CD is very good, light music to elevate the spirit. I use this one a lot during healings and initiations